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How to match your new cork flooring with wall colors

Renovating can be a time-consuming process full of complicated decisions: what type of flooring to choose, what colour flooring to go for and… how to match that colour to the walls? If you’re not sure which hues go with which, today’s quick guide is for you. Check our tips and ideas, and we’ll guarantee you’ll be thrilled with the final result of your renovations!

How to choose the perfect combination


1. Determine if your cork flooring has warm or cool tones. If you notice blue or green undertones, it’s a cool tone. And if the undertones seem orange or pink, the tone is warm.


2. Look for wall paints with matching tones. Knowing your floor tone will help you narrow down the amount of wall color options for your renovation. Do you prefer to have everything in the same tones? Then if you choose a floor with a warm hue, go for a warm wall paint. Alternatively, for cold floorings, choose a cold wall paint.


3. You would rather have a nice contrast? Find the right combination. You might prefer to have a contrast between the color of your flooring and the walls. In that case, if you’ve opted for a cool-toned floor, narrow down your wall options to slightly darker paints; or vice-versa. Note that this contrast doesn’t have to be extreme and depends on your personal taste as well as on the furniture options you’re considering. You can always pick slightly similar colors for the floor and walls, and then add contrast with the decor. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to your dream room’s aesthetic!


After considering these options, you’ll have a clearer idea on which colors you will pick for the floor and walls of your new room. Find your favorite cork flooring on our website and you’ll be one step closer to finding the perfect combination.



Three combinations we love 


Captivation with white walls

Captivation is a cork flooring which stands out by itself. As such, you’ll want to go for a subtle wall tone. Pair it with a traditional white wall and you’ll get the perfect contrast, while also ensuring that the room looks nice and bright. This combination will make the room have a pleasant and timeless atmosphere, working well with any type of décor you might choose. For the most indecisive this is a very safe choice.


Azulejo Sand with light grey walls

This is what we meant when we said that the contrast between the flooring and the wall doesn’t have to be so dramatic. Going for grey tones will make the room look sophisticated and classy, and the tile pattern in the flooring, inspired in the traditional Portuguese tiles, will add uniqueness to your room.


California Chestnut with yellow walls

Not a duo you’d consider at first as it seems too bold. However, our California Chestnut is a perfect match for walls in warmer tones, such as a darker yellow. And you can get creative with it – try painting only a part of the room with that color, and mixing it up with wooden or white modern furniture. These two tones together will create a balanced atmosphere which everyone will compliment you for.


Ultimately, selecting the perfect color combo will depend on the aesthetic you’re going for. Why not start by picking your favorite type of cork flooring at Wicanders? Remember: you can always use our floor simulator to make sure you choose the right color for the room you’re renovating!


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