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Amorim Cork Flooring is globally awarded the Investors in People

After achieving the Investors in People standard accreditation last year, Amorim Cork Flooring proudly announces that its Business Sales Units around the world were also granted this accreditation.

This achievement marks a milestone in our company’s history and in an internal transformation process that puts people first in our Sales Units.

Investors in People is a standard for people management that offers accreditation to organizations that consistently outperform industry norms. Created to meet the constant challenges of everyday business, Investors in People is an improvement tool designed to advance an organization’s performance through its employees. It reflects the latest workplace trends, leading practices and employee conditions required to create outperforming teams, focusing on three key areas: Leading, Supporting and Improving.

Successful accreditation with the Investors in People standard is the sign of a great employer, an outperforming place to work and a clear commitment to sustainability.

In the words of Fernando Melo, CEO of Amorim Cork Flooring: “We believe that motivated people, with access to high levels of training, will consistently provide a high quality service, committed with the vision, mission and values of the organization. This will bring satisfaction to our customers and will enhance the profit and sustained growth of our company.”

We take this accreditation as an opportunity to assess where we stand today as to how we lead and engage people in the organization’s day-to-day lives and as a tool to work and focus on a sustainable future.

Thank you to all our employees for being a part of our business and for helping us build a people-focused company.

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