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Is cork the right option for your home gym

Home gyms have become all the rage over the past year and if you’re looking to create your own, choosing the right floor is crucial. Cork has several characteristics that make it the perfect option for your gym, from its durability to its comfort and more.


Curious? Let’s dive into all the reasons why you should pick cork for your home gym floor!

1. Cork is durable

Burpees, jumping jacks, high knees, running, skipping ropes … a lot of body exercises cause a big impact on the floor, which is why choosing a durable, strong option is so important.

Due to its natural flexibility, cork can go back to its initial shape even after a big impact, helping it to last long even when used in a gym.


2. Cork is comfortable

Working out is about pushing your body to its limits, but that doesn’t mean comfort isn’t important. As it is soft and flexible, cork makes for a great, comfortable surface for all sorts of workouts - even high-impact ones!

The material will prevent your muscles and joints from being into too much stress and, as such, can help avoid injuries and pains.


3. Cork naturally insulates sounds

Have you ever wanted to wake up at 6AM, put your trainers on and do your favorite work out, just to start the day on the right note… but then stopped yourself because you didn’t want to wake up your kids or partner?

With cork flooring, this isn’t a problem anymore, due to its ability to naturally insulate sound. You’ll be able to workout at any time of the day (or night) without bothering anyone.


4. Cork improves indoor air quality

While working out, you should make sure the air you’re breathing in is always high-quality. At Wicanders, we test all of our products on more than 2000 potential chemicals to ensure they comply with the strictest indoor air quality standards.


Convinced about the benefits of cork flooring for home gyms? Explore our range of cork visuals in different colours and styles, and try our Floor Simulator so that you can test all your favorite floors with real images of your house!


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