Walk on Amazing

It has been one year since we set foot in Mars

A year ago, on March 7th 2022, we launched the “Walk on Amazing” campaign with the premise of showcasing the limitless potential of cork, the natural born technology.

To walk on cork isn’t to walk on just any floor. It’s a unique, out of this world, experience. Therefore, we invited a former astronaut to be the first man to walk on Mars. Mars printed onto cork flooring.

Veteran of four space missions, Scott Kelly was part of the “One Year Mission”, a mission of 340 consecutive days in space in the International Space Station, the longest time a human being spent in the Station.  The goal was to prepare future missions to the deep space and to Mars. The mission was successful, but Scott Kelly never had the chance of setting foot on Mars. So we have invited him to be the first man to walk on Mars. 


Resorting to 4k Mars Rover photographs paired with images from satellites that are orbiting Mars, we have reconstituted an area of 600 sqm of the planet’s surface, on a 1 to 1 scale in a warehouse.


The Mars surface was printed onto cork flooring which was the floor of the warehouse. The walls were also decorated with the Martian plains, mountains and dunes, thus conveying an even more realistic experience. - Check out the behind the scenes video of the campaign.


Afterwards, we invited Scott Kelly to be the first man to ever walk on this amazing floor. 


This out of the box idea was only made possible with the use of digital printing technology and the unmatched properties of cork. This cutting edge technology allowed us to print the surface of Mars with a superior level of realism, both in colour and design.


Our mars floor was designed to remind us that to walk on cork flooring is to walk on an abundance of beneficial and unique traits. It’s to walk on sustainability, on thermal and acoustic insulation. It’s to walk on purified air, on a material which comes from the cork oak tree without damaging it. To walk on cork flooring is to walk on a light, impressively elastic material that is shock-absorbent and hypoallergenic. To walk on cork isn’t to walk on just any floor.




The campaign was then launched in 16 countries worlwide, including Portugal, USA, Sweden, Germany, Finland and Iceland, just to name a few.


The main video for the campaign gathered 20+ million impressions and was viewed more than 3 million times. More than 270 publications mentioned the campaign and the mars floor became available to clients around the world through our network of 2000+ dealers and their retail shops.


On March 7th 2022 we showed the world what was possible to create when we combine cork, a natural raw material, with cutting edge technology.


Today, on March 7th 2023, we are working everyday to create the next generation of cork flooring. Unique and incredible designs, on a sustainable base, that deliver on comfort and performance.  Earthly designs with otherworldly benefits.


We invite you to enter a world of comfort like no other. We invite you to Walk on Amazing, to walk on cork flooring. 

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