20 January, 2015
Wicanders presents Hydrocork

The first Corktech low thickness floating product.

Mozelos, January 20, 2015 -An amazing step in flooring will be taken in 2015 by Wicanders. Hydrocork is the new water resistant low thickness floating solution that was missing in the market. Made with an innovative cork core board, this 6mm thickness product is the perfect solution to add superior silence, warmth, walking comfort, body wellness and impact resistance to a new floor.

Cork is a sustainable material composed of 40 million air filled cells per cm3 which act as excellent natural sound and thermal insulators. Corktech leverages the cork natural properties, throughout the most advanced technology, producing innovative flooring solutions with superior comfort.

Hydrocork is the latest Corktech innovation. Its core board is made of agglomerated cork composite, maintaining all its natural resilience properties in a water resistant solution which will not swell when exposed to water. The cork insulation properties cut the noise within a room up to 53% and allows important energy saving (retaining the heat). At the same time, due to the inherent flexibility it offers a pleasant walking comfort and has the ability to reduce heel strike impacts (related to body tensions) and to bounce back from hard impacts, so when an object accidentally falls it absorbs the impact maintaining its appearance for a long time.

With only 6mm thickness, easy to cut and install, can easily be laid on almost every surface being the perfect solution for renovation projects. The new compression system -PressFit – takes full advantage of the amazing resilient cork properties functioning exactly with the same principle of the cork stopper. When pressed, cork is easily compressed and inserted into the connection gap generating an internal tension which creates a tight seal and stable installation.

The Hydrocork range includes 12 premium and realistic wood visuals with remarkable realism, which are available in an elegant plank dimension of 1225×145 mm. ¬†All products include a 0,55 wear layer and superior warranty coverage of 25 years for residential use and 15 years for commercial applications.

Highly efficient, water resistant and low thickness Hydrocork is a versatile choice for interior decoration and introduces an amazing step in flooring providing the perfect solution to easily improve living comfort.