22 February, 2016
London Fashion Week hosted real Nature through sophisticated cork design

The premium brand by the world leading company in cork flooring and wall coverings took part in London Fashion Week’s last edition. The wall coverings used in the London Heavy showroom were chosen among the Wicanders Dekwall collection of Amorim Revestimentos to surface walls and furniture, providing not only thermal and acoustic benefits to the area, but also extending a strong sense of design and style to its physical elements. That choice proved to be a sustainable option with as much sophistication and adaptability as the ever changing Fashion itself.

Every season, the British Fashion Council invites different embassies to take part in London Fashion Week and present some of the boldest new design talents in their respective countries. Portugal has been included in that privileged list of guests and, when it was time to prepare its showcase, the task was handed to Heavy London branding agency that chose to do it with four emerging fashion designers and one cork well-established trendsetter.

The Portuguese clothes on the catwalk were signed by Alexandra Moura, Carla Pontes, Daniela Barros and Susana Bettencourt, that delivered a fresh and daring input on what to wear for the next Autumn and Winter. The cubes on which their models paraded, in turn, optimized those proposals by revealing sophisticated visuals combining cork’s natural look with contemporary graphic nuances.

Corktech at the service of style

The audience that attended Somerset House for Portugal’s project presentation had already positively reacted to Wicanders’ walls using the natural outer-shell of cork oak trees. But it was in London Fashion Week’s real set, in Brewer Street Car Park, that the innovative Portuguese wall coverings produced by Amorim Revestimentos better revealed their unique properties in terms of beauty, comfort, durability and technical performance.

First things first: it all starts with a superiorly engineered multilayer structure involving two cork layers with different purposes. The thicker layer is made with agglomerated cork and works as backing, reducing noise and assuring warmth, for a superior general comfort and bigger energy savings. The thin layer, on the other hand, combines different shapes of cork and color in order to create a decorative veneer that, whether coated with a waxed or varnished finishing, will provide its surface with an authentic natural touch and a genuine visual – an approach which is particularly suited for interior decor projects that want to state character and personality.

Sustainable charm

Over 5.000 people experienced Dekwall coverings in Heavy London’s furniture and walls, and, yet, not a dent was made in the material. Although “Utopia” was the main theme of Brewer Street Car Park’s event, this only shows to prove actual facts: cork’s unique mechanical properties provide it with an elastic behavior that enhances its resistance to impact and helps to longer maintain its impeccable appearance.

These competitive advantages of a single raw material with the added-value of being both recyclable and renewable would be enough for those with stronger eco-awareness. But Wicanders makes room for more: its Dekwall collection allows a wide choice of visuals going from rich textures to softer patterns, from rustic themes to exotic inspirations, from serene shades to vibrant combinations. Lines like Alabaster, Bamboo, Fiord, Hawai, Stone Art and Piel are just a few possibilities among those allowed by cork’s immense versatility.