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Cork is a plant material derived from the bark of the cork oak (Quercus Suber), a substance that is extremely light, highly insulating and 100% natural and biodegradable. Cork is a noble raw material. Technological development and the application of new techniques lead to infinite possibilities for using this natural and ecological resource.

3 January, 2017
Corticeira Amorim presents new cork flooring by Wicanders in Germany
HIGHLIGHTS: • An innovative Reclaimed collection has been selected for the Innovations@Domotex area at the prestigious Domotex trade fair in Hannover, Germany • The Authentica series marks a paradigm shift in vinyl flooring Corticeira Amorim has just presented its latest product innovations in floor and wall coverings, the second most important business area in the company’s portfolio. Reclaimed and Authentica by Wicanders are two differentiated and high value-added products just launched onto the market, further strengthening the already robust sustainable position of… View more
20 January, 2015
Wicanders presents Hydrocork
The first Corktech low thickness floating product. Mozelos, January 20, 2015 -An amazing step in flooring will be taken in 2015 by Wicanders. Hydrocork is the new water resistant low thickness floating solution that was missing in the market. Made with an innovative cork core board, this 6mm thickness product is the perfect solution to add superior silence, warmth, walking comfort, body wellness and impact resistance to a new floor. Cork is a sustainable material composed of 40 million air filled… View more
27 February, 2014
Lisbon Fashion Week with cork design and Wicanders coverings
Three types of cork will be used in Patio da Gale’s set design Thanks to a partnership with Corticeira Amorim, the runway shows at ModaLisboa | Lisbon Fashion Week from 7 to 9 March at Patio da Gale will… View more
17 February, 2014
Wicanders Presents the 2014 Novelties
  New longer board with 1830 mm length, available in seven wood visuals in Artcomfort product line Five new wood patterns added to the Vinylcomfort 0,3mm product line   Following the latest décor trends and maintaining its uniqueness, achieved by integrating Corktech,… View more