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Wicanders renews the wall covering collection based on interior design trends


With an approach clearly based on interior design trends, Wicanders renews the wall covering collection.

Dekwall by Wicanders combines the design of distinct textures and forms with all the comfort of cork, a natural and ecological product.

With these novelties, Wicanders emphasizes the harmony of natural shapes and gives a special touch to interior wall decoration, creating unique spaces full of style and charm.

Malta - Contemporary sophistication
With a look of a refined wood strip and available in 4 modern colors, the Malta visuals are a perfect solution to add sophistication to the décor in touch with nature.

Piel - Natural peacefulness
Piel has two captivating colors that make any room involving and fashionable at the same time. This style exudes a natural peacefulness, perfect for relaxing.

Hawai - Organic character
Combining cork veneers with contrasting base colors to create spaces full of character, 3 new colors were added to the popular Hawai visuals, ideal for expressive and fresh modern looks.