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Wicanders Presents the New Label to Highlight the Uniqueness of its Cork Floor and Wall Solutions

  • Corktech label distinguishes Wicanders when compared with other flooring solutions available in the market, expressing the benefits of integrating cork
  • By using a unique engineered multi­layer structure, which combines state of the art technology with the exclu­sive natural properties of cork, a higher standard in flooring was achieved
  • Cork, a sustainable product, provides a superior performance in thermal insulation, sound reduction, physical comfort and shock absorbing

Over the years, Wicanders has developed floor and wall coverings with exclusive properties, taking advantage of cork intrinsic characteristics. By combining traditional production methods with cutting-edge technology, Wicanders' floor and wall solutions are distinctive, elegant, resistant and comfortable, using a material with unique qualities and which has proven environmental benefits - cork.  Now, and in a clear demonstration of its world leadership in cork flooring, Wicanders is launching a new label - Corktech - to highlight in a tangible way the benefits of its particular solution: more silence, more warmth, more walking comfort, more body wellness and more impact resistance.

Cork is a sustainable product that comes from the bark of a tree - a unique species of oak that renews its bark after each harvest - which is composed of 40 million air filled cells per cm3 that provide resilience, sound absorption and thermal insulation. Along with these benefits, Amorim continuously invests in R&D and in new technological solutions, developing new collections and renewed looks. The cork layers play a major role in the performance of the wall and floor coverings, turning them into a unique selling proposition and a key differentiating issue when compared with other solutions available in the market.

Corktech label expresses this exclusive technology combined with one of nature's most amazing products.  Its superior performance is based in a multilayer structure: a high thickness core layer of cork, which provides superior physical comfort, sound reduction and warmth, allied to an integrated cork underlay that reinforces the shock absorbing and the acoustical and thermal insulation properties.

Combining state of the art technology with the exclusive natural properties of cork, Wicanders created the perfect match between beauty, comfort and durability, achieving a higher standard in flooring, with an impressive range of decorative visuals in cork, wood, optical image and vinyl, protected by the upmost resistant top finishes wear layer.


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