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Natural Power Coat - Wicanders launches the Ultimate Resistance for Varnished Cork Floors


Wicanders, renowned for the continuous development of state-of-the-art and eco-friendly solutions for cork covering, presents its most recent innovation, the Natural Power Coat (NPC), an ultimate resistant and ecological varnish for cork floors.

This new coating is available with the product line Wicanders Artcomfort - that blends the natural embossing of cork with the latest optic image technology achieving an authentic and natural surface reproduction - thus revolutionizing the strength and durability of cork floors. NPC is suitable for the most demanding domestic areas and commercial areas with moderate traffic, ensuring an exceptional wear resistance and longevity. For the 1st time, varnished cork floors will achieve a class of use of 32 (ISO 10874), AC6 (EN13329).

Due to NPC chemical reaction during the hot coating process, this highly flexible finishing fits perfectly with the resilient characteristics of cork floor, preserving its ability to "bounce" back from impacts, making it more durable, comfortable and resistant than hard surface floors, like wood or tiles, and maintaining all its unique advantages: thermal insulation, sound reduction and sustainability.

It must be highlighted that this new finishing also fits the expectations of a society that is demanding for natural products and its sensorial benefits, thus ensuring the pleasant haptic natural sensation, and, at the same time, the mate gloss surface resembles materials like wood or stone, keeping a high level of detail.

NPC is based on an absolutely solvent free and formaldehyde free polyurethane technology, with no VOCs, formaldehyde, neither monomer emissions, making it an ecological coat. It also put a stop to entrapped dirt, germs or fungus, thus actively contributing to a healthy and hygienic environment.

Given its surprising features, NPC offers a 20-year warranty for domestic use and 10 for commercial use, the highest guarantee granted by a varnished cork product in the market.

In order to better support NPC advantages, tests were carried out by the Development and Examination Laboratory for Wood Technology (EPH), according to EN 13329, and included the most resistant varnished cork printing products of the market.

Wicanders Artcomfort NPC has the best classification in the market in what concerns to Abrasion Resistance and Impact Resistance.

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