Wicanders announces the introduction of phthalate free solution in all its High Performance Surface products

  • Greener and healthier alternative in the current High Performance Surface (HPS) products, maintaining all the properties of a high performance finishing and keeping the durability and longevity of the floor covering
  • Healthier and Environmental friend choice that contributes for an even better indoor air quality
  • Safer plasticizers used in the production of HPS


    Wicanders by Amorim Revestimentos, renowned for the continuous development of eco-friendly solutions for cork coverings, announces that from January 2014 onwards all High Performance Surface (HPS) production will be made with phthalate free plasticizers.

    Phthalates are substances included in plasticizers that are considered harmful to the health. Therefore Wicanders has decided to make a replacement of current plasticizers in all HPS products - a solution specially developed for areas with heavy traffic such as commercial, business or general public areas - by a new non-phthalate plasticizers generation. With this innovation, Wicanders improves the indoor air quality to even higher standards, keeping all the original features of the product, such as flexibility, transparency and durability.

    This new technology will be available in the commercial solutions of Corkcomfort, Woodcomfort and Artcomfort product lines contributing to a greener and healthier alternative, which reinforces Wicanders Environmental responsibility, maintaining all the properties of a high performance finishing.

    The removal of these harmful phthalates enables Wicanders to achieve a new standard by combining sustainable concerns with its unique state of the art technology.