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Kengo Kuma visits Amorim Revestimentos

Over three days, Professor and architect Kengo Kuma visited Portugal and participated in a workshop and seminars organized by NAAV - Core of Architects from Aveiro Region with the cooperation of Lusíada University of Porto and Guimarães European Capital of Culture.

Fascinated with the his previous experiences with Cork flooring, namely with the Nezu Museum, Kengo Kuma has dedicated a full morning to visit Amorim Revestimentos, worldwide leader in Cork flooring products,  in order to learn more about the product and the the latest developments of the Wicanders ranges.

In this visit, Kengo Kuma had the opportunity to get in touch with our products and also to visit our production process.

After the visit to Amorim facilities, Professor Kengo Kuma participated on the workshop presentation (focus on Cork materials) and also presented the official launch of the book "Kengo Kuma, Architecture and Nature".

With the participation of some Amorim members, the day ended with a seminar where Kengo Kuma presented his latest projects and declared this first visit to Portugal and mainly to Amorim Revestimentos an enormous success:

 "The softness of the cork can solve many problems of the society and also it can open new possibilities of architecture and design. The twenty century of most of the material we are using as concrete, steel and glass is very hard and a cold material, but cork is the opposite, it's warm and soft, and heat can heal the heart of the people today. Amorim should continue working to promote cork flooring products and improve in new Cork applications."