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Comfort is a key ingredient in all of the "comfort" product lines by Wicanders®

The Wicanders® "comfort" product lines continue to steal the show in countless architecture and decoration projects, both in Portugal and abroad. A focus on thermal and acoustic comfort is combined with profound environmental awareness and a wide range of sophisticated looks with versatile and inspiring textures and tones.

Residential development, in Gondomar, Portugal: 4,000 m2 (1,500 in the first phase) of Woodcomfort, product reference Rustic Oak;

Paulo VI Pastoral Centre, in Fátima, Portugal: 800 m2 of Corkcomfort, product reference Originals Natural;

Microsoft offices, in Lisbon, Portugal: 1,800 m2 of Corkcomfort Linn Blush Af and 100 m2 of Corkcomfort Floating Linn Blush GPS;

Taco Bueno Restaurant, Nantes, France: 300 m2 of Corkcomfort Linn Blush;

Fitness Center, in Prague, Czech Republic: 440 m2 of Vinylcomfort Floating Home Smoked Oak and 22 m2 of Vinylcomfort Floating Home Alaska Oak;

Hotel Roomz, Paragongasse 2, Vienna, Austria: 2,900 m² of Woodcomfort Beech, applied in 160 rooms;

Siemes Schuhcenter shops, in Neuwied, Germany: 860 m² of Woodcomfort Cherry;

Hilton and Hampton Hotels, in Bursa, Turkey: 1,114 m2 de Woodcomfort, various product references: (Zebrano Nutmeg, Vulcanic Ash, Ash Almond and American Walnut);

Dumankaya Constructions Showrooms, in Istanbul, Turkey: 650 m2 of Woodcomfort Walnut;

Dumankaya Halkalı Showroom, in Istanbul, Turkey: 500 m2 of Woodcomfort, American Walnut;

Ant Yapi Antre Restaurants, in Istanbul, Turkey: 300 m2 of Parquet Hardwood Floors, product reference Kentucky Atlanta.