Stripping & Cleaning: Wicanders® Power Strip

Power Strip is a cleaning product for the removal of Power Polish, old wax layers, cleaning products, dirt which is difficult to remove, acrylate and other polymers.

Product description

Wicanders® Power Strip is a pH-neutral stripper.

Field of application

Low foaming stripper for heavily soiled floors and to remove old floor care products. Suitable for all Wicanders® floors.


- pH-neutral and thus suitable for sensitive floors
- low foaming


1 L


For stripping apply Wicanders® Power Strip diluted 1:20 to 1:40 according to the degree of soiling. Work over the floor in sections using a green pad and remove the dissolved dirt with clean water before it dries again.

Power Strip Instructions

Removal of maintenance products / thorough cleaning

The accumulation of several coats of maintenance products, or incorrect maintenance, may cause the floor to have an unpleasant look. When this occurs, it is necessary to remove all coats of maintenance products applied.

For this purpose, use Power Strip for a thorough cleaning and proceed as follow:

  • Dilute Power Strip in water (1:20). Put the solution in the buffing machine container/spray.
  • Buff the floor using a Blue / brown Pad (Scotch-Brite - 3M). This will remove the maintenance products and dirt.
  • Work over the floor in sections by and absorb the dissolved dirt before it dries again. Do not allow the Power Strip solution to stand on the floor for more than 5 min.
  • After this operation it is necessary to clean the floor with a mop dampened in clean water. Allow it to dry. Now the floor must have a dull appearance.

Apply a new coat of Wicanders® maintenance product - Power Polish. This will give back the floor its original beauty.

Stripping & Cleaning: Wicanders® Power Strip