Victoria Collection

Iconic ambiances
Rustic character

Victoria is a collection that celebrates the past. These floors have been refined with brushing, handscraping and staining techniques to recreate iconic ambiances with centuries past. Captivating details through exquisite craftsmanship are embedded in each and every board.

These very distinctive looks are achieved after approximately half an hour of handmade work in each board. Emphasizing grains and knots, brushing and handscraping to produce unique surfaces, allowing you to feel the rustic character of modern colours.

Available in boards with a maximum size of 1900x190x15mm and a 4mm top layer, it is produced with Wicloc glue less floating system. This easy installation method will save you time and costs.

  • FSC 100%
  • Unique and Rustic surfaces
  • Modern colours
  • Exquisite craftsmanship
  • 4mm wear layer
  • Wicloc installation system