Manor House Collection

Manor House Ash
Manor House  Oak Rustic
Manor House Oak Rustic White Oiled
Manor House Oak Nature
Manor House Oak Nature White Oiled
Manor House Oak Rustic Smoked
Manor House Oak Rustic Smoked White Oiled

Timeless elegance
Classic robust touch

Inspired in the elegance and charm of the traditional European stately homes, this collection features boards with a smooth and timeless texture which are ideal to add a classic touch in contemporary interiors.

The oil finish available on this collection is air dried. This technique assures a deep penetration of the natural oil into the surface of the wood, which brings strong benefits to the maintenance of these products.

Available in boards with a maximum size of 1860x189x14mm and a 3mm top layer, it is produced with 2 side beveled edges in order to provide and reinforce a wider planks modern look.

  • FSC 100%
  • Robust and durable
  • 3mm wear layer
  • 2 sides Beveled