Classics Collection

Walnut Nature
Oak Nature
Merbau Nature
Iroko Nature
Oak Country Nordic
Ash Elbe
Maple Nature Volga
Oak Nature Oder
Oak Nature Tejo
Oak Nature Seine
Oak Rustic Ebro
Oak Rustic Thames
Oak Nature Loire
Oak Nature Danube
Beech Nature Rhine
Merbau Nature
Walnut Nature
Hevea Nature

Natural beauty
Timeless comfort

Composed of a wide range of species, the Classics Collection aims to preserve the natural character of wood through a series of timeless visual effects with matt
varnished or oiled finishing.

The matt and wear resistant lacquer is visually very similar to an oiled finish, enhancing the beauty of wood.

Available in two options: plank or three strips, the Classics Collection offers a high-quality performance structure. Consisting of three layers in a wide variety of species, this collection was developed for classic environments, matching with furniture and above all, elegant and stylish looks.

A rich and natural colour palette of different species, combines stunning original visuals with a modern feel. This allows you to choose your own style with nature's embrace.

  • Wide range
  • Natural character of wood
  • Plank
  • Wicloc or Loc&Fold installation system
  • Boards with maximum size 2200x206mm