Fascinating walls
with the comfort of cork

In a day-to-day life that is more and more demanding, it is always good to be able to rely on a space that radiates comfort and relaxation. Within four walls, Dekwall represents an alternative to conventional coverings, with cork wall solutions that provide the welcoming environment that you seek for your home. A thousand and one different patterns, textures and forms that give that special touch, brimming with personality. Fill each square meter with style and you´ll be surprised at what your home still has to offer you.

Dekwall by Wicanders® is outstanding among wall coverings, combining the design of innovative textures and forms with all the comfort of cork. As a natural, ecological product, the entire Dekwall range provides first-class sound insulation, as well as being extremely easy to clean.

Its numerous advantages make all the difference when it comes to personalizing your home.

Corktech technology

Over the years, Wicanders has deve-loped floor and wall coverings with exclusive properties due to its inno¬vative Corktech technology.
By using a unique engineered multi¬layer structure, which combines state of the art technology with the exclu¬sive natural properties of cork, a higher standard in flooring was achieved, providing the perfect match between beauty, comfort and durability.
Wicanders´ floors are available with different decorative materials protected by the upmost resistant finishings.
The uniqueness of Wicanders was achieved by using a prime quality core layer of cork, which provides superior comfort, noise reduction and warmth. An integrated cork underlay reinforces thermal and acoustic properties, resulting in a silent environment and important energy cost savings.

Corktech technology