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Wicanders® Towards Sustainable Development

Wicanders® is a truly sustainable brand! Produced by Amorim, it represents a unique balance between the creation of wealth and the protection of the environment. The starting point is a raw material that is extracted cyclically from the cork oak trees without ever damaging them. This raw material is then transformed into high value-added products while promoting the economic and social sustainability of areas at risk of desertification.

Several eco-efficiency studies, based on a comparative analysis with several other types of flooring, illustrate the excellent environmental performance of Wicanders® products and its manufacturing process. Besides the smaller amounts of energy and raw materials required for the manufacturing process, these products actively contribute to reducing global warming, not only through their low emissions, but also due to cork's natural property of retaining CO2.

It is estimated that the Portuguese cork oak forest - montado - is responsible for retaining 5% of the country's annual CO2 emission, representing 4.8 million tons per year.